Lakeshore Wellness and Recovery

Susie Knuth Miller

Therapist: Susie Knuth Miller, MS, LPC

I strive to connect people to approaches that optimize wellness and activate client's creativity and flexibility in daily living. I treat adolescents and adults for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, life changes and transitions, adoption issues and incorporate spirituality as desired by clients. My clients tell me that I offer them a greater vision of themselves that helps them to rise above present setbacks and develop a positive outlook.
I hold a certificate in Adolescent Mental Health and use current neuroscience as a foundation for integrating alternative techniques that include mindfulness, relaxation breathing, aromatherapy, biofeedback and other strategies for increasing emotional resilience.
Specializing in integrative techniques for improving mental wellness, I work within an a holistic group of practitioners and refer to other healing modalities to help clients broaden their resources and expand self care options. I treat mental health from a whole body perspective.