Lakeshore Wellness and Recovery

Renee Janusz

Therapist: Renee Janusz, BS, CSAC

I have been a Certified Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor since 1995. Working with individuals struggling with substance abuse has been a life long passion of mine. I enjoy helping people in need. It is so gratifying watching patients turn their dreams into reality with hard work and dedication to sobriety.

I have been a Traffic Safety Instructor working with court ordered intoxicated drivers, since 1996. I am certified by the Department of Transportation to work with students/clients on Driver Safety plans, by assisting people regain their driverís license back. I am trained to do interventions, working with family members, employers, CPS parents on CHIPS petitions, and probation officers.

I also have experience working with people on Chapter 51.42 Settlements Agreements, or CH 51 Commitments. Letís work together to make a positive change in your journey toward health and happiness in your recovery process.